Friday, May 18, 2007


I'm amazed, after 12 years of using Emacs, I still discover new things every week. This week, I learned about M-x occur in a blog post entitled Can your editor do this?.

To use it, go:

M-x occur

And then give it a regexp. I had a buffer with instructions for setting up one of my Ruby on Rails projects, and I wanted to find all the lines that referred to piston, so for the regexp, I typed:


I often use

M-x grep

which is great, it lets you run grep from inside Emacs, and gives you a lot of useful functions, for example, if you press C-c C-c on a line in the grep buffer, Emacs helpfully loads the file for you and jumps to the correct line in the file.


Lauri said...

You can also add occur to isearch, as described here:

P said...

And with moccur-edit.el you can edit the results in place after occuring on all visited buffers with a filename.

- Phil Jackson