Sunday, December 30, 2007

keyboard macro tricks

I love keyboard macros in Emacs, and use them every day to do quick little tasks where I would have to write a throwaway Ruby or Perl script. Here's some Keyboard Macro Tricks from the emacs wiki.

emacs 22 macro counter

I'm using Emacs 22 (alpha release) because it has multi-tty support. It also has a neat new Keyboard Macro Counter, which lets you easily put counting into your keyboard macros. That's sweet.

I personally am a big fan of M-x query-replace-regexp when used with the "#" flag, as explained by Steve Yegge.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I do love iswitchb, but I find that with the huge Ruby on Rails projects I'm working with, perhaps I need something more. I'm looking into Icicles, which provides really powerful minibuffer command and file completion.


Nifty Tricks in Emacs.

Setting registers in .emacs file

I use the totally fantastic gblogger mode for posting to Blogger.

I have two common strings I type all the time, one for an "href" and one for an "img" string pointing to my image web server. I store these in registers, and got tired of having to enter them in each time I'd restart Emacs, so I created the following two entries and put them into my startup .emacs file:

;; Some commonly used registers
(set-register ?a '("<a href=\"\"></a>"))
(set-register ?i '("<img src=\"\" />"))

I use registers all the time, they are really handy. I typically use registers 1-9 for storing things that I'll just use a few times, and use the letter keys for storing things that I use more than that. Really handy.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


etracker is a tracker, a kind of music creation program, for Emacs. Sweet!