Friday, November 21, 2008

regexp in region

Wow. I learned something so cool today in Emacs by accident. If you select a region and do a query-replace, the query-replace will just operate inside the region. I can't believe I didn't learn this earlier, it's so useful!

org-mode dates

Using dates and times in Emacs org-mode - A tutorial.

org-mode is the sweetest mode in Emacs, I use it all the time now, and
for a whole bunch of different things, including keeping track of
projects, writing LaTeX documents and organizing my TODO items.

org-mode timestamps

How to use timestamps in org-mode

You just go:

C-c .

and then either just press [RETURN] to insert the current date, or enter another date.

Very sweet.

(I use this now when I create a TODO item so that I know when I
created it. I don't use it to set deadlines, which are always a pain
to manage, but instead to know when it was created, which is handy for
when my professor comes by and wants to chat about things to work on,
we can then see when we talked about adding that feature.)

Monday, November 10, 2008


js-comint.el is a comint mode for emacs which allows you to run a compatible javascript repl such as Spidermonkey or Rhino inside of emacs.

This is very nice, and is a continuuation of the goodness that Steve Yegge is doing with integrating Javascript into Emacs. I like.